Crobat (Japanese: クロバット Crobat) is a dual-type Poison/Flying Pokémon introduced in Generation II.

Crobat has the ID number 240 in Pokémon Duel.

It evolves from Golbat. It is the final form of Zubat.

Current Moves Known
Base Wheel Size Name Move Type Move Effect Damage
4 Miss Red
16 Poison Fang If this Pokémon is knocked out, the battle opponent becomes poisoned. 20
4 Dodge Blue
24 Noxious Fang If this Pokémon is knocked out, the battle opponent becomes noxious. 40
4 Dodge Blue
16 Poison Fang If this Pokémon is knocked out, the battle opponent becomes poisoned. 20
4 Miss Red
24 Shuttle Flip This Pokémon can take 1-2 steps back.

Ability description and explanation:

"Diffuse Poison - When this Pokémon is on the field, all poisoned Pokémon will do a further -20 damage. This effect does not stack."

- All poisoned pokémon will have a noxious-like effect which makes their attack do -40 damage.


  • Crobat can be very valuable in a poison deck. It is not very strong on its own and is best used as cannon fodder. You rush it into a strong Pokémon to make it either poisoned or noxious. When combined with Venusaur it is better to keep it in the back and away from danger. Any Pokémon affected by poison or noxious would then do 40 less damage and would have 1 less MP. This combination is very strong.
  • If Crobat is attacked and lands Shuttle Flip, it can essentially move up to 5 spaces. This makes it great for surrounding other figures or even rush towards the opponents goal.
  • It is ill-advised to use materials to buy this figure unless it fits your strategy.
  • You should focus on Noxious Fang when you level up this figure. This is its best attack and it would make Crobat a little bit more viable on its own. Shuttle Flip is also a great choice. Especially if you're playing a poison deck and want to keep it alive for that extra 20 damage reduction.
  • "Brobat" is very strong against paralysis. Burn will essentially give it two big misses due to its Poison Fang being only 20 damage. A level 5 Crobat can withstand confusion very well. Its survivability increases a little bit during this time, but is not recommended.
  • X Attack can be very useful. It will also take advantage of Tropical Energy.

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